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These swimming tips will ease your child into their underwater adventure.

Great Swimming Tips for Your Child

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Swimming is something that every child should experience during the summer. There is nothing quite like the feeling of floating through the water or having it splash in your face. We’re sure that even you have some amazing memories of swimming when you were younger. However, not every child’s first time in the pool runs smoothly. Some children are afraid of the water and apprehensive to go into the pool. It’s something that we see all the time at Ivy League Day Camp. Our campers swim twice a day and if you want your child to become accustomed to the pool, here are a few swimming tips.

Swimming Tips: Swim Together

It is easier to tackle tough situations when you have a friend or loved one by your side. The main reason kids are afraid of the water is that the idea of swimming intimidates them. There is no one in this world that your child looks up to more than you, their parent. As a guiding force in their life, they trust you to help them through this new experience.

Before you send your child to camp or on their first swim alone, plan a trail run. Take your child to the pool and show them how easy it is just to step into to the water. With you by their side, they’ll soon see that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Swimming Tips: Make the Pool Familiar

The pool is not an enemy. If your child looks at the water like this, then you have to change their perception right away. Do your best to make it as fun as possible and it’ll ease any anxiety they may have. First, you and your child should sit pool side. Test the waters by simply dipping your feet inside, and kicking the water around. Getting your feet wet will show them that the water is harmless.

Next, start playing around in the pool. While your child sits pool side, you can play a game of peekaboo by going under the water and popping back up. You’ll also want to splash them with some water to encourage them to get inside.

When they decide to fully get into the pool, another great way to make the water familiar is to hold them. You can have your child lay down in the pool with your hand on their back and bottom. This is a good way to show them that their body floats in the water. You can even have them lay on their front, with your hand on their belly to practice swimming.

Swimming Tips: Work Without the Use of Aids

Floaties and noodles might seem like a great idea for your child’s first time in the pool. However, you’ll soon find out that they are more of a crutch. If you want your child to learn how to swim, it’s best to introduce them to the pool without the use of these tools. Get them familiar with lying flat in the water instead of just standing there floating.

It’s also better to have your child learn from an expert swim instructor. At Ivy League Day Camp, our campers receive Red Cross instruction from certified Water Safety Instructors. Your child can too. Just sign them up for this summer Ivy League Day Camp, and learn more about what our Day Camp has to offer.

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