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Find out everything you can about a Summer Day Camp before sending your child.

What to Look for in a Summer Day Camp?

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Every parent wants to make sure their children grow up with the best experience possible. That means that every program or activity a child participates in needs to meet the expectations of their parents. For example, you don’t just send your child to a summer day camp without thinking about it first. Before you even consider a day camp, you need to know if it’s worthwhile. You do that by finding out as much as you can about an organization and what they have to offer. Let’s go over what you should be looking for in a summer day camp and why Ivy League Day Camp just might be your best choice.

Find the Activities a Summer Day Camp Offers

The first question that you want to ask yourself is “Will my child enjoy this?” A good summer day camp has to appeal to your child. Otherwise, your little one will spend the whole time somewhere they don’t want to be. The best way to gauge your child’s interest is by showing them the camp activities.

Look for what your potential day camp has to offer. Go over the activities and programs with your child. This way you’ll discover what they are interested in and if they’re excited. Ivy League Day Camp has more than its fair share of activities. We provide our campers with everything from sports to the arts. You can find out more about these activities here.

Location and Transportation Means Everything

There is no doubt that you are going to want to know where and how your child moves throughout the day. Knowing this information is an important part of leaving your child in the care of others. With a day camp, you leave and pick up your child every day. This makes it easier to ease your child into being away from home. Ask a prospective camp the following questions:

  • How do kids travel to and from camp?
  • When and where do you pick up and drop off kids?
  • Where are your campgrounds?
  • How are kids supervised during travel?
  • How long are camp days?

Ivy League Day Camp transports our campers using minibusses and minivans to transport our campers to and from the campground. We even have our drivers leave a form in your mailbox, telling you your child’s bus run number and approximate pickup times. You can find out more about our transportation procedure by visiting our FAQ page.

Know Who Your Children Are Left With

You need to know what kind of people are taking care of your children. That means you have to find out who embodies a day camp’s staff and what rules they have to follow. For example, at Ivy League Day Camp, our staff ranges from high school seniors to adults. Even our bus drivers are Ivy League employees. We also have plenty of teachers and coaches ready to walk your child through our extensive programs.

The best part is that our staff keeps in touch with parents. We want parents to know when their child is having difficulties or if an incident occurs. Ivy League Day Camp takes all the proper steps to make sure your child is safe, including notifying you right away when something has happened and if we require your presence. So, why not try to contact Ivy League Day Camp today. We are ready to answer any question you may have.

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