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Have fun at the beach with volleyball!

Summer Fun With Volleyball at Ivy League Day Camp

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Can you imagine the summer without volleyball? We can’t! At Ivy League Day Camp, volleyball is one of the great sports we provide as a part of our athletic program. If you are familiar with the sport, you’ll know it involves a lot of jumping around, hitting a ball, and looking up – everything kids love! Your kids shouldn’t let the summer pass by without giving this sport a try. Let’s look at everything you and your child will love about this great activity.

Volleyball Is Fun!

We know that everyone has their own individual taste but at Ivy League Day Camp we advocate for volleyball. It’s an all-time favorite. What people love the most about the sport is its simplicity. The rules are simple. Hit the ball over the net to the opposing team. If they fail to stop the ball from hitting the floor on their side, you gain a point. However, if you miss the ball on your side, the opposing team gains a point.

Once you get into it, it’s quite thrilling and intense. Your focus stays on the ball as you and your team try your hardest to make sure it stays in the air. Players will jump, shuffle, and even dive to make sure the ball makes it to the other side. Some of our campers get really involved, waiting anxiously for their chance to touch the ball.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Volleyball is a team sport. The great aspect about team sports is that it builds a form of comradery among campers. It teaches them to rely on one another and work together to play better. Lifelong friendships are built through sports, and volleyball is no different. Before you know it, your child will be talking about the new friend they made at Day Camp.

A Healthy Option

Health is always important to us at Ivy League Day Camp. Our sports programs are designed to get your child up and moving. With volleyball, your child will be moving, jumping, yelling, passing the ball, spiking the ball, and so much more. It doesn’t get any more active than that.

Volleyball is often considered a great workout that doesn’t quite feel like one. That’s because once you are playing, you truly get into the game. Your focus is on the ball at all times and makes sure you hold your footing in the sand.

The more you play volleyball, the stronger and more trained your body will become. Your body adapts to the sudden movements it has to make. Your reaction time and reflexes will improve, along with your coordination and balance.

The high intensity of volleyball also burns a considerable number of calories. Some even estimate that a grown adult can burn up to 130 calories in about 30 minutes! Playing on sand can even help burn more calories. We can’t stress enough how important it is to do physical activities like this one to keep your body in shape.

Get Your Child in on the Excitement

As an all ages sport, you can’t go wrong with volleyball. At Ivy League Day Camp, we have plenty of campers who are more than willing to play. Along with our sports programs, there is so much more to do. We provide fun adventure courses, creative and performing arts programs and several clubs and electives for your child to express their interest. Why not contact our staff and find out about signing your child for the summer? Ivy League Day Camp is an experience they will never forget.

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